With former President Mr. Bill Clinton embracing a vegan lifestyle, more and more health-conscious people are making a shift towards veganism. Being a vegan ensures improved long-term health, and benefits animals and the environment. But many weight-trainers hesitate to make this healthy lifestyle change due to one question: Is it possible to build muscle being a vegan?

The answer is: Yes. Several athletes have already made the transition with outstanding success, and a quick glance at some powerful herbivorous animals such as horses, oxen, and gorillas also proves that meat is not necessary for bodybuilding. There are lots of ways for vegans to build muscles despite the fact that they don’t eat meat. Here are the 10 best tips on a Vegan bodybuilding diet:

Consume chickpeas and legumes

Chickpeas and legumes are important sources of protein in the vegan bodybuilding diet. You will be benefitted if you consume them in some form regularly. They also serve as the low-fat sources of carbs and are fit for being eaten as snacks post a heavy workout session.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetablesVegan-Bodybuilding-Die-2a

Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a vegan diet. Fruits and vegetables supply supreme quality nutrition and antioxidants to give you a strong immunity.

Avoid eating too much of processed foods

A silly mistake that a lot of vegans make is relying too much on overtly processed-packaged foods. Don’t commit this mistake. Remember, being vegan does not mean that you can consume as many salty-carb snacks as you wish.

Include tempeh in your diet

Tempeh is a very beneficial source of protein for vegans. It is often overlooked by bodybuilders, so start looking for recipes so as to add it to your every day meals.

Vegan-Bodybuilding-Die-3aEat nuts for fuel

Nuts provide healthy source of fats and provide with energy that is long lasting. One handful of nuts will shoot-up your calorie intake and also helps in gaining muscles much easily.

Eat more frequently

Eating small meals often all day is also important. Since vegan diet does not allow the intake of animal-based protein, by eating regular meals your muscle tissues will get amino acids regularly.

Consume lots of walnuts and flaxseeds

Since you will not be consuming fish or fish products, turn to these nutritious nuts and oils. These will be the primary sources for the must-have nutrients.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConsume peanut butter

Start including natural peanut butter in your evening snacks. It helps in boosting your daily calorie count which is vital to build muscles.

Eat lots of broccoli and spinach

Prefer adding these two vegetables in higher quantities in your daily diet. Broccoli and Spinach, both contain sufficient amount of calcium, which is one of those nutrients that the vegans must take special effort to consume.

Be positive

Always be positive and stay positive. You might feel that it is taking longer than others for you to build muscles, but as long as you keep going and don’t give up on your goal, you will surely get the muscles you are looking for.

So, keep the above mentioned tips in mind. Veganism does not mean that you will have to give up on your muscle building and fitness goals, as more and more bodybuilders are turning to a vegan bodybuilding diet for a reason.