As a vegan you may feel that your selection of desserts is somewhat restricted. Many deserts use animal products as part of their ingredients and this eliminates them from entering a vegan diet. But the fact is that that are many delicious vegan desserts to eat and some are very easy to make too.

Many vegans love to eat desserts, but eating cookies every day because you are out of options is not the ideal solution and will certainly hinder any efforts to keep off any unwanted additional pounds. So, what is the secret to enjoying sweets without packing on extra pounds? Homemade Vegan Desserts!

These healthy vegan desserts with no animal products of any kind feature a variety of ingredients for you to enjoy. Whatever the occasion, you will find a healthy vegan dessert to complete your meal. They not only taste delicious, but they are sugar-free, packed with nutrients, and super easy to make. Indulge in something sweet with our delicious vegan desserts.

Watch this video to see how to make a vegan chocolate banana pie

Here are the delicious vegan desserts


Just thinking about fudge makes a lot of people smile. Nothing comes close to something like this, so indulgent, decadent and yet so easy to make at the comfort of your home. California Avocado Fudge, Double-Chocolate Vegan Fudge, Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge are some dairy-free vegan fudges you must try.

Ice cream and popsicles

You can make tasty vegan sorbets at home without an ice-cream maker very easily. Most of the recipes include fruit, a thickener and sugar. Banana Sorbet, Strawberry Pineapple Popsicles, Orange Creamsicles, Watermelon Lime Popsicles and many others will keep your taste buds engaged.


All vegan desserts are tempting, but people generally have a special fondness for cheesecakes. If vegan cheesecakeyou have a good recipe at hand, your cheesecake can come surprisingly close to a non-vegan cheesecake. Drizzle a bit of fruit sauce or chocolate for extra flavor and your friends will be impressed. If you are sharing, that is!

Custard, Pudding and Mousse

Several vegan pudding and mousse recipes are made with tofu as a base, so they are not just low in fat, but also render a healthy dose of soy protein. Homemade coconut pudding to a Thanksgiving pumpkin pudding, there are a lot of options to enjoy these creamy-delish vegan desserts.

Vegan dessert pies

Use silken tofu as a base to whip up your pies. If you have not tried this technique yet, we highly recommend you to. Also, to make the popular fruit-based pies vegan, simply use a vegan crust and you’re good to go! Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie and Lime pie are some yummy options.


A divine, bubbly filling of sweet-dark cherries peak through a rich and biscuity crust, Cherry Cobbler is a flavorsome dairy-free dessert to prepare in advance. It can be served alongside a scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream, either homemade or store-bought.

Raw coconut carrot cake

This cake packs all the flavors of its cooked cousin, but with a much-needed nutritious twist. The Raw Coconut Carrot Cake looks tempting and has benefits of being live food. You are surely going to enjoy making this one.

Dairy-free rugelach

Just roll a flaky dough with fruit preserves, dried fruit and nuts, then dust with sugar and bake it tovegan-desserts-2a golden perfection! For Hanukkah celebrations or any time of year, Dairy-Free Rugelach is a sweet and rich dessert with an unbelievably flaky and chewy texture.

Don’t miss out on your dessert

You can still stay true to your vegan beliefs and have a wide variety of desserts to include with your meals. There are many delicious recipes that you can use to make your vegan desserts and keep your family (and your own) dessert cravings happy.