As a vegan you can have some delicious lunch meals, but many people seem to miss this opportunity as they feel that most good lunchtime meals take too long to make. This is not the case, there are a lot of vegan lunch ideas that you can start using from today to get yourself a delicious meal without spending hours making it.

Skipping lunch because you don’t think you have time is common, and a busy work day gives you more than enough reasons to keep powering through the afternoon easily ignoring that growl in your stomach.

But with just a little effort you can get more work done post-lunch and not be famished by the dinner time. There are many easy-to-make super yummy vegan lunch ideas that will keep you going at work. After all, healthy food = productivity.

A look at some easy Vegan lunch ideas

Giant salad

Grab a medium size bowl. Fill it with veggies, legumes, fruits, have fun and be creative! The best thing about eating vegan food is that most of the ingredients go well together so your giant salad will usually be very yummy. You can mix the giant salad with some other recipe too, such as leftover dairy-free cheese sprinkled on your giant salad – yum.

Quick and easy Smoothieeasy-vegan-lunch-1a

Who doesn’t love smoothies? They can be prepared within a few minutes and taste great. Also, smoothies keep you full for the next few hours so, it can very easily be a meal in a glass! If you don’t have a blender at home, consider purchasing one so you can make tasty smoothies at home with ingredients such as yogurt, fruit, whey powder, and so on. If you want something light, fruit smoothies will be the best bet.


It is wonderful eating wraps at the lunchtime. Wraps hold just about any food from beans, grilled veggies, a giant handful of lettuce, grains, hummus, dressing, to raw vegetables, chopped fruits and so much more! Take a wrap or two in your hand; stuff it with whatever delicious and healthy ingredients you have at home.

Tip: Make sure you warm them twice – before adding the ingredients and after you fold it.

Soup with bread or crackers

When it is cold outside, a bowl of hot soup really hits the spot. Leftover soup paired with some bread is one of the easiest vegan lunch ideas. Take a giant handful of green leafy veggies and plop it over your hot soup so you get the best of both worlds for lunch – soup and salad. And yes, boxed or canned vegan soups can make a nice, easy foundation for a vegan lunch. Spruce them up by adding in some fresh ingredients and/or bread or crackers.

Tofu salad

Tofu is a great go-to item for lunch. It is so rich in texture and absorbs flavors so well that you can pretty much make it whatever food you are craving for! Plus, it is loaded with protein. Tofu is also a good food to keep in your fridge always for the make-ahead meals. Try and combine your chilled tofu salad with crackers or sandwiches for a fuller meal.

The Quickie sandwich

There is always PB&J and the tofu works well in sandwiches, as mentioned above. You can make a quickie sandwich by adding a pickle and a dash of mustard. Pair your sandwich with a green smoothie, berries and a kale salad. And you’ll be done in 15 minutes flat.

All of these Vegan lunch ideas are family-friendly and all flavorful. Just grab a pan, skillet, or a bowl and you are 10-15 minutes away from a delicious and healthy meal.