Entertaining Vegan style does not have to be complicated. A lot of the time it seems that everyone has strong feelings about what is being served, what are the ingredients and where do they come from. This is not a bad thing of course, but at times the host or the hostess of a party/get-together can find it hard to answer inquisitive questions about what’s on the plate.

Most vegans have very strong opinions about food. But the most important thing in a social get together is to create a dining experience that is stress-free, both for the host and the guests. As divided as our food culture might sometimes seem, all food lovers can unite over simple, nourishing and seasonal dishes, and some great vegan appetizers to get the party in flow.

If you’ve got a meeting or a party coming up, serve up some vegan appetizers or munchies that all your guests can eat! There are a lot of vegan dishes that can be created very quickly and they will really be enjoyed by the vast majority. Here are a few popular vegan appetizers that you can make yourself:

Fried Eggplant Fingers

If you are not on a weight loss spree, a little bit of extra oil is not going harm you. But healthy orVegan Appetizers not, the fried eggplant ‘fingers’ will surely be gobbled up by all your guests (including kids). Fried Eggplant Fingers are best served with a homemade ranch dressing or a thin marinara sauce.

Rosemary Roasted Mushrooms

‘Rosemary Roasted Mushrooms’ is a delicious mushroom appetizer that can also be used as a first course. Surround the mushrooms with small crisp-breads or warm pita wedges while serving. You can also provide cocktail toothpicks for spearing the mushrooms.

Olive Tapenade

Olive tapenade is a great spread to serve with crackers or toasted slices of artisan bread for an easy appetizer. Traditionally, tapenade has anchovies in it, but this recipe is both vegan and vegetarian, and can be prepared in just a couple of minutes.

vegan-appetizers-2aTomato and Basil Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a fresh, simple and delicious Italian appetizer that can be prepared in 15 minutes and enjoyed any time of the year. Shop for fresh organic tomatoes, garlic and basil and enjoy the natural flavors.

Kid-friendly baked tofu nuggets

These breaded nuggets become firm and chewy as they bake, something the kids are going to enjoy eating! They will also enjoy dipping them into their favorite sauce. Serve all at once with a variety of sauces or dips.

Veggie burger bites

Mix some of your favorite beans (chickpeas will be the best bet) with some shredded onion, toasted nuts, tomato paste and flax meal. Shape into little balls, shallow fry in some olive oil, and serve with a toothpick.

Baked sweet potato friesvegan-appetizers-5a

Spice up some quick sweet potato fries with cayenne pepper and other spices. This recipe is vegan and vegetarian, baked rather than deep fried and is also has a very low fat content.

Mango and peach salsa

The sweet taste of mangoes and peaches together with garlic and onions makes it one of the most loved vegan appetizers. Try it with chips, or combine it with any Mexican food dish for an elegant touch.

Smoked tofu with celery and peanuts

This snack item can be prepared in about 10 minutes and tastes wonderful. Fried or roasted – the choice of peanuts is yours, both shall taste good.

You really do not have to restrict the amount of food you offer if you are entertaining vegans. There are many vegan dishes to serve and a lot of vegan appetizers that would be enjoyed by both vegan and n0n-vegan guests alike.