Building and maintaining on a vegan raw food diet is not as difficult as it is considered to be. However, initially regular meat eaters find it difficult to go out there and look for options or substitutes that provide enough protein and other essential nutrients.

Surprisingly, the raw vegan bodybuilding diet has given people results that even meat eaters don’t get to experience. Several bodybuilders have switched over to the raw vegan bodybuilding diet and have not only built muscle, but also maintained it.

The raw food diet refers to a plant-based diet of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouted greens that are not heated above 105-110 degrees. Health experts consider the raw vegan diet to be extremely physique-friendly, in terms of both losing fat and adding size.

They say that the nutrients and enzymes are still alive, so the foods are very healing because they are more digestible. Raw vegan foods also reverse ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, and joint pain as well as adding ample energy throughout the day!

When it comes to muscle building, you can actually train more intensely on a raw-vegan diet than when following a general diet because the recovery time is faster, you are less prone to injury, plus you have more energy. In fact, experts claim that with the raw vegan diet developing lean muscle mass is absolutely attainable. So, just follow these 3 tips and get bulkier!

Increase your daily calorie count

Performing your muscle building program on a regular basis, you are going to burn a lot of calories during (and even after) your workouts, hence, it is crucial to re-fuel your body so that you don’t end up burning the muscles that you are trying to build!

An extra 500 calories is good to begin with, for most. Eventually, you may be asked by your gym trainer or diet expert to increase your intake in order to keep building muscles on a vegan diet. It is easy to do this by adding the right ingredients into your raw vegan bodybuilding diet.

Pack in the protein

The very first baby-step towards muscle building is to provide your body with the raw

material to build from РProtein. Increase your protein intake, and there numerous ways to do this. Focus on consuming more whole foods rich in protein or consume supplements such as brown rice powder, soy protein isolate, etc.

One of the most common ways of increasing the protein intake to build muscles while on a raw vegan diet is – substituting one meal a day for a vegan smoothie or a protein-shake.

Focus on nutrition

It is always good to be ‘aware’ of what is going inside your mouth. It is also important to make sure that you are eating more protein than carbohydrates, as carbs will not do much to help you build muscle. Try eating protein before carbs so that you don’t fill up your stomach with starches and then run the risk of not eating enough protein. Consume a multi-vitamin to fill in the gaps in your daily nutrition, if any.

Remember to get plenty of rest during a muscle building program. Your body needs sleep to repair and maintain its tissues, so not sleeping for sufficient hours will halt your progress significantly. As a vegan, you should perform the same strength-training exercises recommended as part of raw vegan bodybuilding regimen. The only notable difference in approach is – Diet.