So you are throwing a party but just cannot decide what party food to serve. If you like to eat Vegan and you have a lot of Vegan friends too, then there are some great Vegan party food ideas that you can use to keep your guests happy.

But what if all your guests are not Vegan?

Are you thinking of serving the never seen before, unique collection of vegan cashew cheese, wheat-grass juices disguised as cocktails followed by whole wheat black sesame seed crackers? If all your guests are not vegan, this menu just won’t take-off!

Your friends may respect the fact that you are vegan and even support you, but if they are not vegan they will be impressed the most when they come to one of your parties or dinners, enjoy the food, have a great night – and when reminded that everything they just ate was vegan, say “oh really? We didn’t even notice..”

And why should they? There are a lot of foods that people are used to of eating and love, and those foods are naturally vegan. So, you don’t need to hide your vegan ingredients, for instance, disguising your home-made cashew roll as “cheese”. We have come up with a few ideas for vegan party food that are tasty, easy to make and your guests will find it very pleasing to eat.

Menu Ideas: Starters, snacks and party food.


The easiest dishes to adapt are soups, along with gravies and sauces. If the soup contains cream orvegan party food butter, replace it with vegan margarine, olive oil and/or dairy-free cream. Select a vegan vegetable stock, or even better, make your own. You can also try basil and roasted tomato, mint and pea, chickpea chowder and corn, orange and carrot, cauliflower and leek or almond, curried apple, coconut and lime.

Warm comfort food:

This is the most popular out of all vegan foods during a party! You might have to take efforts juggling trays in and out of the oven, but it will surely be the most favorite of all as you will find people literally pouncing over each new tray of these foods that come out straight from the oven – comforting and warm. Here are the best choices – Potato Wedges, Vegetable Wontons, Onion Rings, Spring Rolls and the Indian Samosa.


Dip can be the make or break of your vegan party food. Ketchup, mustard, sweet chili sauce, salsa and tofunaise, all will go great with the warm food items. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, humus, olive paste, guacamole, black bean dip and pesto will taste awesome with the breads. Tahini dip and roasted eggplant, humus dips, and mushroom dip, will go well with your veg items.

Side salads:

  • Red cabbage, flaked almonds, apple, olive oil, cider vinegar and a dash of lemon.
  • Tomato, fresh basil, olives, red peppers, olive oil and red onion.
  • Grated carrot, sweet red pepper, bean sprouts, and celery with a spicy peanut sauce.

Tips for keeping your Vegan party food fresh:

  1.  Make sure the food doesn’t spoil. Make sure you keep cold appetizers in the fridge until the last minute.
  2.  Give appetizers a time period of 4 hours. Don’t bring everything out all at once, keep fresh ones in reserve and replace them as they run out.
  3.  Serve temperature sensitive appetizers on a plate over crushed ice, or hot ones on warm plates.

These are all very quick and easy Vegan party food ideas. The great thing about these is that most people will not even know that they are eating vegan, so if your guests are a mix of vegan and non-vegan, then these will go down a treat!