Something as simple as drinking warm lemon water in the morning can have significant health benefits for you. In this article we talk about what those benefits are and hope to give you an insight into how you can start improving your health through this simple method.

Lemons have a lot of healthy qualities to them, such as their ability to aid the digestion process which in turn can help you to lose weight. They also have immune boosting properties and a strong antibacterial quality that can help you stay germ-free and healthy.

When you drink your warm lemon water every morning you need to use fresh lemons, no bottled lemon juice. If you can use organic lemons then this is even better. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning before you eat anything else.

What can drinking warm lemon water do for you?

Anything that we can use to clean out our system and keep it running efficiently is worth doing from a health perspective, both for your short term and long term health benefits. Drinking warm lemon water every morning will certainly help the process of flushing out toxins that do our bodies no good.

It can stimulate the liver, which in turn helps the body to detoxify effectively. The enzyme function in your body is optimized by the citric acid in the lemons, and this is what kick-starts the liver into action. So drinking the warm lemon water every morning will really keep your liver, which is such an important organ that does so much for our bodies, running very efficiently and free of toxins.

Improve your immune system

To combat things like flu and common colds we need to have a lot of vitamin C. Lemons are veryboost your immune system high in vitamin C and if you drink the juice of half a lemon each day you will be increasing your vitamin C intake and boosting your immune system.

Nobody likes to have a cold, and you can greatly reduce the amount you get and also the severity of them on the occasions that you do get them just through drinking the warm lemon water. The vitamin C found in lemons also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so will really help those with breathing problems such as asthma.

Healthier skin

The vitamin C contained in the lemons will also help you to reduce any wrinkles in your skin, and get rid of any toxins and free radicals that are residing there. If you suffer from blemishes on your skin then drinking warm lemon water can help to get rid of them. The blood is purged of toxins by the lemon water, which will help to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Also for people that suffer from acne, drinking warm lemon water every morning will really help to reduce their acne problem. It has an alkaline nature to it and this can kill off many of the bacteria that cause acne. Depending on the type of bacteria you have on your skin, you may find this remedy to be very effective in reducing your acne.

increase energy levelsImprove your mood and energy levels

Lemons contain a high amount of negative charged ions, and these will provide you with more energy when these enter the digestive system. If you experience times of the day when you have a big drop in energy, then drinking warm lemon water regularly can help to eliminate this and keep you vitalized and your energy levels up.

The fresh scent and taste of a lemon can also help to improve your mood. It is used to help people with depression and anxiety and can leave you feeling a lot more alert and positive about things. This is certainly a quality that most people would like to have, so it can be achieved very easily just by drinking the lemon water every day.

These are just a few of the benefits of drinking warm lemon water each morning. If you do it as soon as you wake up before you eat anything else then you will be setting yourself up for a good day ahead. There are more benefits also, so it is certainly a very easy and worthwhile practice to start.