First and foremost, when people go vegan they tend to lose weight right from day one, why?

Answer: Fiber

When you eat fiber rich foods, the fiber literally sweeps through your stomach and intestines, and pushes the toxins out. Therefore, when you eat fiber-rich foods on a daily basis, you clean your system regularly. But if you think that you can get enough fiber from a bowl of breakfast cereal and you continue eating potatoes and meat based food, it is not going to help you at all.

Animal products contain zero fiber, so everything from turkey, fish, red meat, chicken, to cheese, milk and eggs will make it difficult for you to lose weight. You may eliminate certain foods, but eventually, go back to eating trash and later, go on a ‘New’ diet. Sound familiar?

On the other hand, the vegan diet is not a fad diet. Vegan diet weight loss is a lifestyle change and has worked wonders for thousands of overweight and obese people out there. So, if you have tried a lot of things and still do not see results, just go vegan! Try the vegan diet weight loss and experience positive changes in your overall health.

What should Vegans eat to lose weight?

This is probably the most common question about veganism. Apart from high-fiber foods, you must eat plenty of soy products, natural fruits, and vegetables, along with certain processed foods from health food stores, which form the base of the vegan diet. Dieters are encouraged to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to have snacks only if needed. Foods that are allowed include:vegan-diet-weight-loss-2a

Organic vegetables and fruits, beans, nuts, soy products, olive and sesame oils, coconut oil, organic canola, whole-grain bread and cereals, tortillas, barley, brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, desserts sweetened with cane juice, vegan mayonnaise, maple syrup, organic corn chips, raw sugar, water and green tea.

An example of a typical Vegan meal plan

  • Breakfast- Banana, kiwi, mango, and soy yogurt
  • Lunch- Vegetable salad
  • Snacks- A piece of fruit or a glass of fruit smoothie.
  • Dinner- Veg Pad Thai

Do you need to exercise on a Vegan diet?

People often think that vegans do not need to exercise because they rarely consume any calories that need to be burned. Some people turn to veganism so that they can ‘skip’ working out and some assume that if they eat vegan, they will automatically become thin. Well, not necessarily.

A lot of vegans are overweight because they continue eating high-calorie and refined foods, and if you are not very active your weight will simply hang around and might never leave! Hence, exercise cannot be overlooked in any case.

There are plenty of exercise routines available out there, but keep in mind many of them are for folks who consume ‘foods’ that we do not. For us vegans, Yoga and Pilates are very good ways to bring our bodies in shape. They keep you flexible, improve your stamina and burn off calories too.

Veganism teaches you what food is good for your body and what isn’t. In order to bring a perfect balance between your mind and body, try going vegan and experience the results. Finally, do not hurry and be patient with yourself. Make changes to your diet in baby steps for the greatest long-term success.

vegan-diet-weight-loss-3aMake your Vegan diet weight loss stick

You can lose weight very effectively when embarking on a Vegan diet. But once you have lost the weight you need to make the weight loss stick and not put on those unwanted pounds again. The best way to do this is to make the Vegan diet part of your lifestyle. There are many very healthy meals you can eat on a vegan diet, and you will not go short on any nourishment that you need in your daily food intake.

Due to the wide range of foods that you can eat with a vegan diet, it is very easy to stick to it. Even devout meat lovers that have decided to make the lifestyle change and start following a vegan lifestyle have found it surprisingly easy. Vegan diet weight loss can be achieved very quickly and it is a great option for anyone that wants a diet that is sustainable.