Your body is an engine, and just as you would on a car, we need to service our engine regularly and keep all parts running smoothly. You will find that when we do the necessary things to keep all of our organs working efficiently, our health and overall wellbeing will remain consistently high.

A liver and kidney cleanse is something that can be done by anyone, and it will help keep two of our hardest working organs in good condition. When your kidneys and liver are healthy and running efficiently, the benefits to us are widespread.

Going through a liver and kidney cleanse is not a complicated process. It can be done from home, and you can do it fairly easily too. It will mean you changing your diet for a short while, but the short and long term benefits of doing this are definitely worth and short-term dietary sacrifices.

Both the liver and kidneys are often worked overtime keeping our body clean and free from harmful toxins. Even if we eat well and look after ourselves, we cannot help taking in some harmful toxins into our bodies from the air we breathe.

The pollution in the air is apparent in most cities and villages throughout the world, so unless you live in a really remote place with no industry or traffic, we will be breathing in certain levels of toxins into our body. This is why we need our liver and kidneys working well, to clear all of the toxins out.

Starting a liver and kidney cleanse

A liver and kidney cleanse does not have to be a complex process. It can be done naturally and there are many food types including fruits, vegetables and different types of tea also that will aid in cleaning and detoxifying the organs.

It is important that when you start the cleansing process for your liver and kidneys that you stop anything that will hinder the process. This includes consuming things such as alcohol, unhealthy processed and fatty foods, caffeine, sugar and red meats (if you eat meat). If you smoke, you should stop this, at least for the duration of the cleanse.

You then need to start eating the right foods so you can clean the organs effectively. The best way to do this is to eat the healthy diet for about 1 week, and then you can go into the more aggressive detox phase to really flush the toxins and pollutants out of your body.

Foods that can help the cleanse

There are many healthy foods that you can start eating to begin the liver and kidney cleanse process. Organic green vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli are ideal and should be integrated into your meals where possible. Green leafed vegetables such as romaine lettuce are also ideal and can be used to make tasty salads.

There are a lot of herbs that can help the process too. Things like ginger, dong quei, parsley, dandelion, paprika, licorice, tarragon and basil all play their part in cleaning your liver and kidneys. You should be able to find ways to add these herbs into your daily diet easily enough.

Drink a warm glass of water with half a fresh lemon squeezed into it every morning. This is a very effective method for cleaning out toxins from the body. Drinking green tea is also a beneficial practice and should be done daily too.

Eating these foods regularly will give you a thorough liver and kidney cleanse and keep the organs performing at their optimal levels. When you do this you will notice immediate benefits in your health. You will have more energy, and less lethargic. You will also feel more alert and positive mentally too.